Finding Escorts In Vegas – 3 Big Mistakes Men Make

Here are three big mistakes men often make when it comes to finding an escort in Las Vegas, and here are also the solutions to overcome these mistakes.

First of all, there are some men who get overly excited about the escort cards they receive on the strip because the ladies look so good while the prices are so cheap. However, try calling ANY of these girls, and you will quickly realize that the girls are either always unavailable or they are actually 50 pounds heavier and 50 shades of skin tone difference from their photographs. This is a big mistake. Never call the escort cards – while there are some legitimate ones, most of them are fake. All the images on the cards are plucked from random sites online, and then placed with the escort agency’s number. In my opinion, calling and engaging escorts from one of the cards you receive along Las Vegas city strip is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make if you want to find an escort in Vegas.

Second of all, never go for incalls. In case you do not already know, police undercovers always like setting up incalls, because it is far easier and cheaper to grab hold of criminals soliciting prostitution from the escorts when it is an incall as they control the environment. Remember – prostitution is illegal in Clark County – and Las Vegas is included!

Third of all, if you go to websites, then make sure to ask the escort website if the photographs shown are of the real escort. Many of them will tell you directly if her photographs are real or they will send you the real photographs privately. Some photos are fake to protect the privacy of the escort. However, if you want real photographs only, I recommend you can check out, which is one of the most popular escort websites in the entire Las Vegas. They only showcase real photographs and real profiles so that clients can easily choose for themselves discreetly from their mobile phones or laptops.

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