Here’s Why Men Like Escorts, Yet Also Think It’s Taboo

If you tried asking any man if he has ever considered going out with an escort or has gone out with an escort, most men will say no and then change the topic. But the truth is that many wealthy men have actually engaged escorts before.

The question now comes – why do rich men want to order social escort services? Why not find a long term girlfriend? There are a couple of common reasons, and most of them are not what you think they are.

Not all guys who order escorts are ugly. In fact, some are actually very suave and good looking and would have no problems dating any girl. However, they may have a ridiculously busy work schedule, hence they are successful. As a result, they may not have the time nor effort to get into or maintain a relationship. For instance, if a businessman requires lots of travelling in his work and a hectic work schedule, he would not be able to have the time to date, yet he can feel lonely from time to time. Therefore, he may opt for an escort instead. Why not? After all, he can pick the exact type of escort he wants from a website. There is no need for chance to come into play, as long as he can afford the price for the companionship of the escort whom he wants.

Of course, there are some guys who find it really difficult to date women simply because their personality repels women. Perhaps it’s great for workplace, but not for romantic relationships. Perhaps they are too ENTJs, and only a few women in the world are able to interact with them and be in a relationship with a truly career minded only businessman.

Sometimes, the man who look for escorts may be shorter than average, or are not so good looking, and find it difficult to date women ‘normally’. Therefore, they turn to escorts to hang out with beautiful women.


In a nutshell, what you will realize is that men who choose to go for escort services are not actually the morally bankrupt people like society likes to stupidly make them out to be. In fact, clients of escort services are very successful, wealthy, ordinary people who are lonely and are just not that great at dating or do not have the time to date. Laughing at them is akin to laughing at poor men who are bad at making money. The way I see it, it’s better to be rich and get escorts.