Why You Should Never Call Escort Card Numbers

Out of all the ways you can engage an escort in Las Vegas, getting one through escort cards is about the worst ways.

As explained by the guy in the video above, the girls’ photos are all fake and not of the real girl.

Additionally, the prices are never accurate, and it is only so cheap to grab your attention. Think about it, would a supermodel looking like girl go out with you for $50 per hour? She can make 10 times or more going for a single photoshoot – why would she waste time with you for $50?

This is also the same case with escorts listed on dodgy sites like Craigslist or Backpage.

In fact, the only way you should really engage escorts who look like their photographs is to go through sites like https://www.bunniesoflasvegas.com, http://www.vegasdreamescorts.com/contact, https://rideworks.com/las-vegas-escorts/all.html e.t.c.