Finding Escorts In Vegas – 3 Big Mistakes Men Make

Here are three big mistakes men often make when it comes to finding an escort in Las Vegas, and here are also the solutions to overcome these mistakes.

First of all, there are some men who get overly excited about the escort cards they receive on the strip because the ladies look so good while the prices are so cheap. However, try calling ANY of these girls, and you will quickly realize that the girls are either always unavailable or they are actually 50 pounds heavier and 50 shades of skin tone difference from their photographs. This is a big mistake. Never call the escort cards – while there are some legitimate ones, most of them are fake. All the images on the cards are plucked from random sites online, and then placed with the escort agency’s number. In my opinion, calling and engaging escorts from one of the cards you receive along Las Vegas city strip is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make if you want to find an escort in Vegas.

Second of all, never go for incalls. In case you do not already know, police undercovers always like setting up incalls, because it is far easier and cheaper to grab hold of criminals soliciting prostitution from the escorts when it is an incall as they control the environment. Remember – prostitution is illegal in Clark County – and Las Vegas is included!

Third of all, if you go to websites, then make sure to ask the escort website if the photographs shown are of the real escort. Many of them will tell you directly if her photographs are real or they will send you the real photographs privately. Some photos are fake to protect the privacy of the escort. However, if you want real photographs only, I recommend you can check out, which is one of the most popular escort websites in the entire Las Vegas. They only showcase real photographs and real profiles so that clients can easily choose for themselves discreetly from their mobile phones or laptops.

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How Do Men Find Escorts Legally In Las Vegas?

Every time you talk to someone random on the street, and ask them about escorts in Las Vegas, there will almost always only be 2 types of responses. The first one says that prostitution is legal in Vegas, while the other will say escorts are illegal in Vegas.

I will tell you now that both of those statements are false and are spread around by people who have no idea what is really going on.

First and foremost, prostitution is by no means legal at all whatsoever under all circumstances within Las Vegas, and more specifically, in Clark County, Nevada. All forms of activities related to it or promoting it is illegal. Do not blindly believe random strangers along the Las Vegas city strip and think that it is legal or you will run into the police sooner or later and be extradited back to your state or country and have a legal record against your name for this stupid reason.

Second of all, escorts and prostitutes are completely different types of profession. Escorts are beautiful models who are like ‘professional daters’ who will go on romantic dates with men or meet men and act as their pretend girlfriend for that hired period of time. Prostitutes are women who usually work in a brothel and make money by selling sexual services.

The reason why some people get confused between escorts and prostitutes is because some escorts may have other relations with the clients, while prostitutes may provide the girlfriend experience to the clients.

However, there is a very clear legal line and let us now explain that indepth using an analogy of Tinder.

If you met a girl on Tinder, and both of you got together, and you decided to give her a gift on the date or treat her to a really nice dinner. Perhaps you two kick it off really well, and decide to have consensual sex between two consenting age adults. Is Tinder now a brothel? Are you engaging in prostitution now? No and no!

Similarly, if you meet a beautiful escort, and both of you happen to also like each other and all, there is nothing wrong with both of you meeting up again together or taking the relationship up a stage on your and the escort’s own free will. If it is forced or coerced by the escort agency and/or you, and/or money or items of significant value is exchanged for the purpose of sexual services, then that is highly illegal.

Of course, there are brothels pretending to be ‘escort agencies’ and dispatch girls for sex in Las Vegas. Those are illegal, because sexual services are to be provided as part of their job as an escort – when it is not supposed to be the case under all circumstances. If an ‘agency’ tries to sell you sexual services, run like it’s doomsday – because it will be doomsday for you and the agency sooner or later if you engage them or any of their models.

Truth is this – prostitution is ILLEGAL in Vegas. Escorts are legal in Vegas.

If you want to engage an escort for romantic companionship, then check out for some of the best looking models in the entire Las Vegas city.

Why You Should Never Call Escort Card Numbers

Out of all the ways you can engage an escort in Las Vegas, getting one through escort cards is about the worst ways.

As explained by the guy in the video above, the girls’ photos are all fake and not of the real girl.

Additionally, the prices are never accurate, and it is only so cheap to grab your attention. Think about it, would a supermodel looking like girl go out with you for $50 per hour? She can make 10 times or more going for a single photoshoot – why would she waste time with you for $50?

This is also the same case with escorts listed on dodgy sites like Craigslist or Backpage.

In fact, the only way you should really engage escorts who look like their photographs is to go through sites like,, e.t.c.

The Remarkable Rise Of Compensated Dating In Las Vegas

Compensated dating is a old concept, which is basically a dating situation in which an (often older) man pays a young and attractive girl to go on a date with him. This is also known as sugar daddies and sugar babies arrangements. The biggest difference between sugar arrangements and compensated dating is that sugar arrangements are often long term, while compensated dating usually occurs once or twice in the entire lifetimes only. Compensated dating is very popular in Vegas, and despite the negative connotation due to some bad eggs, is also known as escort services.

However, in recent years, due to the showiness of socialite lifestyles on Instagram and Facebook, many young girls (in Vegas too) are attracted by the lifestyle that a rich man can provide them with – be it short term or long term. The last 10 years has seen more men interested in such compensated dating concepts for short term relationships, and has also steadily attracted tons of women to the industry.

As you can see from the video below, more than expected number of young and attractive women either become escorts in Vegas and participate in compensated romantic dates or engage in long term sugar daddy-baby arrangements. This is often called a ‘win-win’ situation by the escorts or sugar babies as the escorts get money, while the men get a hot girl.